Aircrew Forum 2005





2005 marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and to this end, MKAS held their Third Crew Forum on Tuesday July 12th 2005 in The Ballroom, Bletchley Park. 

The Forum followed our tried and tested format of questions and answers, and with a smaller panel, there was plenty of opportunity to hear some of their fascinating stories

Attended by over 100 people, the event marks another success in the series of Crew Forums that have been run by MKAS over the last few years.

           Fighter Pilots Forum 2001                                   Bomber Crew Forum 2003


The list of sponsors and supporters for Aircrew Forum 2005 were as follows;
Thank you very much to;
    The two anonymous MKAS members who have very kindly donated 500 each.
Flying Legends for their very kind donation of 500.
    To George Tew, Sales and Marketing Cordinator for Osprey Publishing for the book donations.
    To Mike Oakey, Editor of
Aeroplane Monthly for helping with promotion of the event and for the
         excellent full page write-up of not only MKAS but the Crew Forum under High Society in the
         April 2005 issue of Aeroplane Monthly.
     To Tom Ferris of Midland Counties Publications for the book donation.
     To Ruth and Jack Bromfield for providing the buffet for panel members on the evening of the event.


                                    Aircrew Forum 2005 participants

    Message from Sir Roger Austin - Aircrew Forum 2005 Chairman

     What the audience said                                What the Pilots said

Steve Bond - MKAS President.

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Thank you to all the audience who supported this wonderful event
The Ballroom, Bletchley Park, Tuesday 12th July 2005
Thank you to all the panel for their participation


Lest We Forget

Another Tremendous Success